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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday musings

Today is Friday 27th February 2009, and my oldest is now officially an adult {:o(
I have no idea were all 18 years have gone. I got the cupcakes decorated this morning, and all delivered to his band room in time. All 96 cupcakes were done in time but lost some of my sanity in the process hee hee.
Now I am quickly grabbing a quick bite of lunch before running again to try to finialize the dinner concert. I will be really happy when the concert is all over Monday night, and all people were fed.
I have a batch of laundry soap to finish for a friend, then finish getting my house ready for my son's birthday party tomorrow.
Tonight I will be finishing the laundry soap, making a batch of Sensuous Amber soap, and making hazelnut latte candles.
I will take pictures of my new hazelnut latte soaps this afternoon, and post here and my flickr.
Hopefully I get time to list them on my etsy store too.
More musings from today still to come later.

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